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Hugh Steele

Hypercoherence Spaces form a double-glued Category

Ehrhard's Hypercoherence Spaces proved a useful medium through which to study strongly stable semantics. The category of hypercoherence spaces (HypCoh) has also been shown to be the bedrock of one of the very few fully complete models of unit-free multiplicative additive linear logic, satisfying Joyal's softness condition. Much like in the category of coherence spaces (Coh), an object of HypCoh is a set equipped with a collection of its subsets, with morphisms being relations respecting restrictions set by these `cliques'. However, unlike Coh, HypCoh has not been formalised as a true double-glued category.

In this talk I show that HypCoh is indeed such a category (if you're willing to bend the rules a little!). We also see how far the spirit of the glueing construction may be generalised to produce categories with similar properties.