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The team πr² is a joint INRIA project-team with the CNRS and the Université Paris-Diderot – Paris 7, led by Pierre-Louis Curien. It belongs to the INRIA Paris-Rocquencourt research center and it is a part of the PPS team.

The team πr² covers three research topics:

  • a fundamental research around the correspondence between proofs and programs,
  • an implementation field with the development of Coq, especially in the view of Coq as a dependently-typed programming language.



Scientific leader
Pierre-Louis Curien
Lindsay Polienor
Mail address
Laboratoire PPS
Université Paris-Diderot
Case 7014
75205 Paris Cedex 13
Physical address
Sophie Germain building
8 place FM/13
(Av. de France / Rue A.-Domon-et-L.-Duquet)
75013 Paris