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On symmetries and name preorders in the pi-calculus

I will present some results about the behavioural theory of a pi-calculus based on a preorder on names. The calculus will be introduced by analysing questions of (a)symmetry in name-passing calculi. We will focus on internal mobility, whereby only fresh names can be exchanged upon communication. Internal mobility allows us to work with a succinct calculus, in which the influence of name preorders on the behavioural theory of processes can be analysed. I will describe a labelled transition system and an axiomatisation of behavioural equivalence for a pi-calculus with internal mobility and name preorders.

This is joint work with Jean-Marie Madiot and Davide Sangiorgi (those people present at Jean-Marie's talk on march 6th will recognise some of the material; I expect most of the discussion about the behavioural theory to be new).