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Cinzia Di Giusto (IBISC, Evry)

Adaptable processes

Summary : I will introduce a calculus that incorporates the concept of adaptable process to describe patterns of dynamic process evolution. Such patterns rely on direct ways of controlling the behavior and location of running processes (e.g. how to update/stop/relocate a given process), and so they are at the heart of the adaptation capabilities present in many modern concurrent systems such as webservices, workflows or cloud computing scenarios. Rather than a specification language, this calculus intends to be a basis for investigating the fundamental properties of evolvable processes and for developing richer languages with evolvability capabilities. To this aim, I will propose a set of tools to verify properties such as: the ability of recovering from a faulty configuration, the reachability of an error state or the consistency of adapting processes. More precisely, I will show a modal logic where several forms of reachability properties can be expressed and whether the satisfiability of those formulae can be decided. Finally, regarding the consistency, I will introduce a session type discipline that, among other things, guarantees that a communication between two partners is never interrupted by an evolution of the process (i.e. an update).