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Assistant professor (Maître de Conferences) position

Position title: "Programmation à grande échelle, systèmes logiciels complexes, qualité et preuve de logiciels"

Position n. 0106

A Maître de Conference permanent position (~ Assistant Professor) will be opened during the next academic year within the Laboratory PPS located at University Paris Diderot.

The recruitment procedure in France involves several preliminary steps, that need to be accomplished before the position actually becomes available: if you are not familiar with French procedures, please read carefully the information given below.

Please notice that this position involves teaching in French: proficiency in this language is necessary at the time the position is taken (September 2011).

You can find more information on what is a 'Maitre de Conference', including an approximate salary scale, on a french page on Wikipedia.

Important dates

Research area

We are looking for strong junior-level candidates who will be able to contribute to the ongoing effort made in the PPS laboratory to study the foundations of programming.

The researcher to be recruited is expected to contribute to the current research activities of the PPS laboratory on various challenges arising from programming in the large: complex software systems based on heterogeneous, possibly distributed components with short development lifecycles; theory and applications of formal methods to large codes or code bases, possibly leading to the development of tools for improving the quality of software systems.

Potential candidates are encouraged to peruse the laboratory web site, as well as the websites of some of the research projects hosted there, like Mancoosi, Cerco, CDuce and Ocsigen.

In PPS, the candidate will find a unique blend of computer scientists, with strong formal basis rooted in mathematics, and a passion for programming and applications: this is why, while the position description may seem more oriented towards applications, strong candidates in theoretical computer science are very welcome and should not hesitate in contacting us.

Application procedure

The procedure works in two stages in France: in the first stage, every candidate applies to a national committee that assesses the overall level of the candidate's profile and delivers a 'qualification', which is valid for 4 years.

First stage: Qualification

The qualification procedure is specific to France, and is done by the CNU (Comite National des Universites), which is divided into sections, one for each discipline.

The web page of the Computer Science section is and contains extremely useful information: all interested candidates should read the 'Qualification' section there.

Here follows a short summary of the important dates, that can also be found online here.

The first step of qualification is performed at the Galaxie web site; you can register, and fill in the required forms here.

This first step must be done very soon, before October 28, 2010. The interested candidates should not be afraid to contact us early in case of difficulty with the qualification procedure.

A few weeks after the application has been registered on the web site, the names of two reviewers are notified on November 16th on the ANTARES web site. The candidate should then immediately send his full application to the two reviewers, the firm deadline being the 17th of December 2010.

Second stage: Application

Once the 'qualification' is obtained, the candidate should send his full application to the University Paris Diderot, with a resume, a research project and referee letters.

All necessary information is available on the Galaxie web site.

Contact information

The interested candidates may contact us by email at